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For our private clients, we offer a range of services to support you with creating a beautiful home – where you feel happy and fulfilled. Use our interior designorganisation and decluttering services to make your house a home.

We can also support you with the the sale of your home or the rental of your property, through our proven home staging techniques that create light and inviting spaces.

Home Styling

Relocation Services

Home Staging

Using professional styling and organisation to improve any (or all) of the rooms in your home

Supporting all stages of relocation, including packing and unpacking

Applying professional home staging to your property to help increase its market value.

Interior Design

Organisation & Decluttering

Wardrobe Transformation

Offering guidance and support with interior design and redecoration.

Organising and decluttering rooms, cupboards and storage, including paperwork.

Sorting your clothes so that you can feel confident in every selection




 Finding the perfect clothes and accessories to suit your personal style.

Organizing your kitchen with convenience and entertaining in mind. 

Assisting with packing and unpacking for holidays or business trips.

What's included?

Find below details about of each of our personal services.

1. Home Styling

Home styling enhances the best features of your home, maximising the space and removing negative features to help the property feel light and spacious. 

The service includes:

  • Decluttering and organising
  • Home makeover suggestions
  • Interior design ideas
  • Furniture recommendations


See also Interior Design

2. Relocation Services

EZ HACH understand that moving is more than just about property and possessions.  It’s about relocating lives and perhaps changing lifestyles for you and your family. We aim to make the whole process easier for you.  

Our house moving and relocation services include:

  • Pre-move decluttering
  • Packing
  • Storage solutions
  • Unpacking
  • New home organization


See also House Staging

3. Home Staging

Make an impressive first impression.

Maximise the appeal of your home, rental or holiday accommodation with our home staging and styling services. We can help you stage and style your home by rearranging furniture, cleaning, tidying and utilizing other expert aesthetic strategies to create light and inviting living spaces.

Our services include:

  • Preparatory decluttering and organising
  • Styling for furniture, ornaments and plants
  • Staging for photographs
  • Specific recommendations for viewings


See also Interior Design

4. Interior Design

Bring plans to fruition with our interior design services. Let us help with:

  • Design ideas and styling
  • Renovation and furnishing recommendations
  • Project management
  • Feng-shui guided designs

We aim to fulfil our clients’ desires to create an interior environment which is unique and meets not only the functional but also the aesthetic requirements of their homes.

ezHACH will take care of the entire process should you want that level of support or we can provide advice and guidance, as required.


See also Organisation and Decluttering

5. Organisation & Decluttering

We offer organisation services to help bring some order to the household chaos.  We can help you make the most of your space

As a member of APDO, Erato is specialist in sorting, decluttering and organising, offering:

  • Kitchen organisation
  • Bedroom makeovers
  • Wardrobe transformation
  • Linen and storage cupboard sorting
  • Office and workspace organisation, including paperwork 


If there are rooms or spaces in your house which are just not working for you and you are constantly battling to keep them tidy, then we can help you to declutter.

We can also offer effective organisation and storage solutions to effortlessly maintain the neat and tidy environment that you strive for.

See also Wardrobe Transformation and Kitchen Organisation

6. Wardrobe Transformation

We will work with you to sort through your clothes to make sure you love and need all of them. You make the final decisions on what you want to keep, but our team will provide guidance, tips and practical advice throughout the process.

Once you’ve decided what to let go of, we will sort these items into bags to send to charity, recycle or to give away.

We will then help you organise and store the items you want to keep so that you can’t wait to pick out an outfit!

This process will have a big impact on how you feel. You will:

  • have clothes that make you feel good;
  • know what you have
  • regain your enjoyment of picking out your outfits every day


See also Personal Styling

7. Personal Styling

We can provide personal shopping, wardrobe makeovers and beauty  services for both men and women. By working with a fashion stylist, you will create a wardrobe that makes you feel great about how you look.

EZ HACH offers one-to-one personal styling sessions either at the comfort of your own home or through video call appointments. We can also arrange a shopping session to find pieces that are perfect for you.

Whether you’re searching for something outstanding for a special occasion or refining your everyday wardrobe, let us help you find the items that will make you feel great.


See also Wardrobe Transformation

8. Kitchen Organisation

Kitchen cupboards are often a mess. There are so many different items that need storing and accessing. Without the proper organisation things can get lost and cooking can be a frustrating chore, rather than enjoyable experience. 
Thanks to our genius kitchen organization solutions, you can make sure the items you need are always where they’re supposed to be and easy to see.
We are also passionate about reducing food waste and offering solutions which help to ensure you don’t overstock your cupboards unnecessarily.
See also Organisation and Decluttering

9. Holiday Support

Let us help with the preparation of your suitcases or bags for your next holiday, or upcoming business trip. Our team can help you avoid the unnecessary stress of packing your suitcase whilst ensuring everything is neatly organised and there are no items missing.

Our convenient packing options will save you time.

Rest assured you will arrive at your destination with luggage that is easy to unpack, saving you time to get straight into your holiday or business meeting.

See also Relocation Services

We want to hear about your dreams and ideals

We want you to feel happy and comfortable in your home and work environment.

We transform your interior environment into a comforting place to enjoy and feel relaxed.

When you have a happy, tidy and organised space, it contributes to a sense of well-being and healthy mindset.

Happiness is our mission and the vision for everything we do.

When you book with us, you can be assured of:


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